Is there anything I should do to prepare for the cleaning service?

Before the team arrives, we ask that you pick up all knickknacks or toys so that we can dedicate more time to clean.

Do I have to be home when Maid on Deck comes over?

Not at all, but if you choose to stay we don't mind. If you will not be home at the time of the cleaning, let us know how we may obtain access . Most clients provide us with a key after the first couple of cleanings . Keys are secured and locked when not in use. If your home has a security alarm system us know in advance. For apartment and condominium dwellings, the keys may usually be obtained from the concierge.

Do Maid on Deck cleaners bring all necessary supplies?

We supply all of our own eco-friendly products to complete the job, apart from the equipment needed: vacuum, mop, and bucket. For tougher messes and grime, let us know in advance; stronger products may have to be used.

May I supply my own cleaning products?

Of course. If there is any special product that you like in particular, please leave it out for us, we will gladly put it to use.

Who will clean my home?

We usually send out a team of two, but in some cases a single cleaner is provided or teams of three for larger projects.

What if I have pets?

We love all furry friends, but it's best that they remain in one area so we can clean effectively.

Is there a discount if I use recurring services?

Absolutely! Customers who arrange weekly services we offer a 20% discount, biweekly services we offer a 15% discount and for monthly services we offer a 10% discount.

How do I pay for the services?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cash payments. Tips may be given in cash (optional). For recurring services, you may arrange for automatic credit card billing. Inquire with us, so we can send you a form.

To tip or not to tip?

You are not required to tip our cleaners, but a little gratuity is always appreciated.

What if I'm not fully satisfied with the service I received?

At Maid on Deck we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, contact us within 24-hours so that we can rectify the problem.

What if something is damaged during the cleaning?

We do our best to be extremely attentive and care for your belongings as if they were our own. In the event an incident does occur, a customer rep will reach out to you immediately to inform you of the mishap and discuss replacement or repair of an item. We are fully insured. If you have items in your home of significant sentimental or monetary value, let us know beforehand so that we can keep away and prevent any disturbance.

Is there a cancellation policy?

You may cancel your service of the 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. However, there is a $45 cancellation fee if you cancel after the 24-hour mark.

Have something in mind that was not mentioned above...

Feel free to contact us and will be glad to assist! Maid on Deck Call or text: 347-421-9301 Email: info@maidondeck.com